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Come in to Spirit Spas to tone up your tan! We will help educate you on the proper tanning techniques and the appropriate tanning lotions you should be using for your skin type.

Smart Tan Motto
Don't Ever Burn

Tanning for that vacation?
Start 2-3 months before to get a base tan and to condition your skin.

For Best Tanning Results for Bed or Stand-Up Tanning
Shower and exfoliage, wear NO colognes, make-up, lotions or deodorants.
Apply Step 1 or Step 2 tanning lotion.
And always Step 3 moisturizer. Moisturizers will enhance and extend your tan.

Moisture - Moisture - Moisture

At Spirit Spas (Smart Tan Salon) you are required to use tanning lotion, body lotion, eyewear
Health Warning: Please inform our staff if you have any history of asthma, respiratory or a diabetic condition.

Skin & Tanning Facts
Fact: Sun exposure could actually help prevent cancer. 

Evidence: It’s true. Studies indicating that this relationship exists need to be considered. Many different researchers have shown that regular moderate sun exposure may play a role in preventing several kinds of cancers, including colon and breast cancers, which claim hundreds of thousands of lives annually. Several studies have shown that Vitamin D, whose only reliable source for humans comes from sunshine, may play a role in retarding or arresting pre-cancerous cells in the body from reproducing. Indeed, we have known for decades that overall cancer rates are significantly higher in sun-deprived parts of the world.

Fact: The benefits of sun exposure far outweigh the risks of sunburn and overexposure.
Evidence: Do the math. Non-melanoma skin cancer, which may be linked to sunburn and overexposure to ultraviolet light, has an extremely low death rate of 0.3 percent and claims 1,200 lives a year in the United States. Compare that to diseases that may be inhibited by regular sun exposure. Colon and breast cancers, both of which may be inhibited by regular ultraviolet light exposure, have high death rates of 20-65 percent and claim 138,000 lives every year. Osteoporosis, a bone disease which can be inhibited by regular sun exposure, is epidemic, affecting 25 million Americans. Every year, 1.5 million osteoporosis patients suffer bone fractures, which can be fatal in elderly cases. Because regular sun exposure may inhibit the onset of this and other diseases, it is clear that these and other potential benefits of sun exposure need to be explored and factored into the equation.

Fact: So is skin cancer a concern then?

Evidence: Absolutely. But it is a concern that professional indoor tanning facilities feel they are addressing effectively by teaching people to tan intelligently indoors and outdoors. We feel the marketing hype behind the sun-scare message has blown the concern about this issue out of whack and has completely ignored the positive aspects of regular moderate sun exposure.
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